1Corinthians 5-8

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1Corinthians 5-8

Daily Thought

“You know that, as a Christian, you are freed from all these food restrictions, and that you can eat bacon or ham or whatever you like?” Once a Muslim, now a Christian, he was attending the men’s breakfast, and we were inviting him to enjoy the bacon.

He understood, “Yes, I know that. I know I am free to eat, but I am also free not to eat. I go home to my family in Egypt once a year. When I come up to my father’s door, the first question he will ask me is, ‘Have those infidels taught you to eat the filthy hog meat yet?’ If I have to say to him, ‘Yes, father,’ I will be banished from that home and have no further witness in it. But if I can say, as I have always been able to say, ‘No, father, no pork has ever passed my lips,’ then I have admittance to the family circle and I am free to tell them of the joy I have found in Jesus Christ. Therefore I am free to eat, or I am free not to eat, as the case may be.”

I know I am free, but knowing is not enough. “‘Knowledge’ puffs up, but love builds up” (1Corinthians 8:1).

Daily Thought

My God, You saved me. Not because I was good. Not because I was worth saving. You saved me, because You loved me. What an amazing love, too, because I did not love You. I was not good, nor was I godly, and yet You went to death for my life. Now, because of Your goodness, I am becoming like You.

May I love others, as well, sacrificing my wants for their needs. Make my deepest desire be to do what is good for others.


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