2John; 3John; Jude

Daily Reading

2John; 3John; Jude

Daily Thought

Mr. Hooper taught Sunday School, 6th grade boys. They were not in the habit of bringing Bibles, but Mr. Hooper thought they should. “Bring your Bibles next Sunday.”

The next week, all had obeyed. “Okay, hold your Bibles up,” commanded Mr. Hooper. All ten held their Bibles in front of them. Nine were very nice, cool covers, white clean pages. They looked almost new, except Billy’s, old and tattered, rabbit-eared pages with lots of writing and underlining, and a frayed cover. He was embarrassed.

Mr. Hooper said, “Every one look at Billy’s Bible.” Really embarrassed!

“That’s what a Bible should look like. Well used and well worn. When it falls apart, buy a new one and start all over again. Well done, Billy.”

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3John 4).

Daily Prayer

God, I love Your Word. It is the Word of life. In it, I see what You are like. I also see what I am like and what I should be like. Keep me in Your Word, God. The devil will keep me from Your Word, but Your Word will keep me from the devil. It is the Truth.

May I not only know Your Word, but live it, too. May my life be Your Word to others, leading them to Your Word, the Bible, leading them to Your Word, the Son, Jesus Christ.


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