Genesis 30-31

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Genesis 30-31

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Israel, the great nation of God, would come through the line of Jacob. Jacob had 12 sons and a daughter by 4 women. Two of the women were wives, two weren’t, and God uses this mixed up, messed up, sin-filled line to bring forth his people.

We are sinners, simple as that. When God uses us to accomplish his plan, sin tags along. We don’t have to search; sin doesn’t hide. Jacob’s wives invited him to sleep with their maidservants, and Jacob said, “Okay.”

What a mess!

We do bad things, or others do bad things to us, and God shapes it into his design. “Joseph said to his brothers, ‘You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good’” (Genesis 50:20). God used the actions of the sons of Jacob to refine them so that they would learn love and trust through the consequences of their own hate and betrayal.

God is sovereign, but that doesn’t mean he makes everything happen. For instance, God didn’t make the sons of Jacob sin. Sovereignty is much bigger than that. It means God is in charge of this world and he takes everything that happens, good and bad, and uses it to carry out his plan. And it will be good for those who love his purpose.

Often we let the bad things we do define us – “I’m a bad person” – but God can reshape the bad we have done into a work of his glory. God’s sovereignty is more powerful than our sin. Let God define you.

Daily Prayer

Father God, thank You for Your mercy. Your son made a trade: He took my sin and gave me His righteousness. What amazing grace! You have made me a new person in Jesus Christ. My old self, delighted with sin, is dead. I am born again, born from heaven, a new person who now delights in You.

God, I hunger and thirst for righteousness. May I be filled and overflowing. May I live a good and godly life that lights the world around me so that people see You and delight in You, as well.


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2 thoughts on “Genesis 30-31

  1. Wanda Parker says:


    The riddle of Sovereignty and free will. We get so tripped up when we think we are capable of having the understanding and knowledge of God and can understand how the two work together. Been on a long thread where pastors, in their attempt to understand how these two work together, say God has “limited” Sovereignty. But, if so, does he have Sovereignty at all?

    This so grieves me. Over the past several years the Lord has been teaching me the importance of suffering in our walk with God (Romans 8:17) and at the same time I’ve seen more and more “believers” move to this limited view of God’s Sovereignty. Then I see them use this as an excuse to move into sin. “God is loving so He doesn’t want me to live in pain” is the excuse. They can go there because He is limited in His sovereignty so it is up to the individual to protect him/herself; certainly a loving god wouldn’t grant them to suffer. (Philippians 1:21-30)

    So grateful, if we are His child, to know that when we do move into that sin mode He will draw us back to Himself – often through even deeper suffering.

    Been studying it for a few days – not to understand how the two work together but to grasp why pastors are willing to limit the Triune God’s Sovereignty.

    Wish I could walk into your office and have a good talk. 🙂 We’ve both learned a lot since those days.

  2. Dave says:

    We would have a good talk. I just began preaching through 2Timothy, and I’m preparing to talk on 1:8, “share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God.” Just before I read your comment, I’d spent a half hour or so praying and questioning God on suffering. Then I saw you’d commented here and I thought, oh, she knows a thing or two on this. I miss you and pray for you and Joe.

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