Numbers 3-4

Daily Reading

Numbers 3-4

Daily Thought

“From thirty years old up to fifty years old, you shall list them, all who can come to do duty, to do service in the tent of meeting” (Numbers 4:23). In the Hebrew, “to do duty” reads literally “to war the warfare.” It is repeated several times in Numbers, verses 3, 30, 35, 39, and 43 of chapter 4, and again in chapter 8, verse 24–this to describe the people who prepare the tabernacle and set the table for the sacrifices. “To war the warfare” has punch to it.

The work of God, no matter what, will never be rightly done until we understand, whatever else it might be, it is warfare. Whether serving orphans and the poor, or serving cookies and coffee, we must elevate the estimate of our duties and our service. It is warfare. We live neither in a Christian nation, nor a godly world; rather we have allied ourselves to serve another King–the King of kings. We are warriors of the One who removes the misery of sin, and still the world clings to earthly passions. It is warfare, and the world resists. It is a fight, and will always be. The battle is waged, however, not by killing, but by dying; when we ourselves die to ourselves and our King becomes our life.

Daily Prayer

Our Father, You are our God and we are Your people. The family of God, brought together by the sacrifice of Your Son, receiving full inheritance of Your great and glorious treasures. Thank You, God.

By our love for one another, we show that we are Your disciples. May I be someone who looks out for the interests of others, who is quick to serve, who seeks out and fills needs. May I be someone who loves in action as well as word.  May I fight the good fight by serving others, giving my life fully to You. May I stand for Your grace and truth.


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