Numbers 8-10

Daily Reading

Numbers 8-10

Daily Thought

My son approached me with what seemed to be a reasonable request. “May I go to the movies tonight with my friends?” Which movie? Which friends? I asked the right questions. “Son, it seems like everything is okay.” He started to walk away triumphantly. “But son, you know there is no ‘Yes’ until your mom says ‘Yes.’”

He knew and I knew, my wife knows better. She knows if there is homework due. She knows how he’s behaved during the day. She knows his friends. I’ve learned, I dare not say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ before checking with the one who knows best.

The Israelites were observing the Passover on the anniversary of their deliverance from Egypt. Some who were unclean (they had touched a dead body) still wanted to participate. They asked Moses if it was okay. It seemed a reasonable request. And Moses said to them, “Wait, that I may hear what the LORD will command concerning you” (Numbers 9:8).

Moses knew, check with the One who knows best.

Daily Prayer

Father God, You are wise, You are loving, You are good. What a blessing it is to bring my requests to You. I know that You will work all things to the good of those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. I want Your wisdom, God, and it is there for the asking. But I forget to ask.

My love for You is shown by my obedience. My trust is displayed in my actions. May I be one who, all day long, seeks Your Word and Your ways, follows Your path, and walks in Your wisdom. May I be one who talks to You. And listens.


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