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2Chronicles 21-24

Daily Reading 2Chronicles 21-24 Daily Thought Jehoiada turned the heart of the nation back to God and placed the only descendent of David back on the throne. Joash became king at seven years of age, and Jehoiada the priest stood by his side, a godly advisor and teacher. Things looked promising when Joash surpassed even […]


2Chronicles 18-20

Daily Reading 2Chronicles 18-20 Daily Thought Jehoshaphat had allied Judah with Ahab. Yes, that Ahab–husband of Jezebel, who “reigned over Israel twenty-two years, and did evil in the sight of the Lord, more than all who were before him” (1Kings 16:29-30). Jehu challenged Jehoshaphat, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the […]


2Chronicles 13-17

Daily Reading 2Chronicles 13-17 Daily Thought The Hebrew people were now a divided Kingdom, Israel to the north under Jeroboam its king, Abijah reigning over the southern kingdom of Judah. They were divided and different. Judah was ruled by a man born from God’s chosen line of David; Israel’s king was a rebellious son of […]


2Chronicles 9-12

Daily Reading 2Chronicles 9-12 Daily Thought The Chronicles were written to Israel in exile, no longer a nation possessing a land. They look back, recounting God’s hand in their history, a reminder that they are the people of God. Solomon’s reign was the kingdom of God’s favor, the apex of their nation. In the words […]


2Chronicles 6-8

Daily Reading 2Chronicles 6-8 Daily Thought Listen to the pleas of Solomon, “Of your people Israel, when they pray toward this place, listen from heaven your dwelling place, and when you hear, forgive” (2Chronicles 6:21). “If your people Israel are defeated before the enemy because they have sinned against you, and they turn again and […]


2Chronicles 2-5

Daily Reading 2Chronicles 2-5 Daily Thought God is at work in creation. Day one, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3), and there is day and night. Day two, God separates the sky from the ocean surface, then parts the seas and brings forth dry land, day three. On day four, he places the sun, moon, […]


1Chronicles 28-29; 2Chronicles 1

Daily Reading 1Chronicles 28-29; 2Chronicles 1  Daily Thought David left his son Solomon with much silver and gold, but true wealth came in his words, “And you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father and serve him with a whole heart and with a willing mind, for the Lord searches all hearts and […]


1Chronicles 25-27

Daily Reading 1Chronicles 25-27 Daily Thought Heman was the king’s seer (2Chronicles 25:5).  He was also his director of music. King David selected the sons of Heman, along with those of Asaph and Jeduthun, to be the orchestra, exalting God and filling the house of the Lord with music. To prophecy is to foretell or […]


1Chronicles 22-24

Daily Reading 1Chronicles 22-24 Daily Thought I can’t sing harmony. I can’t dance. I can’t make free throws. I can’t throw strikes consistently. I can’t play drums. I can’t paint a beautiful sunset. I’ve tried. Sometimes hours a day, day after day, for months, and even years. The motivational poster says, “You can do anything […]


1Chronicles 18-21

Daily Reading 1 Chronicles 18-21 Daily Thought The first two words of 2Chronicles 18, “After this,” point backward as the cause for moving forward. God had spoken to David, “I took you from the pasture, from following the sheep, to be prince over my people Israel, and I have been with you wherever you have […]

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