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Proverbs 7-9

Daily Reading Proverbs 7-9 Daily Thought When you speak sin aloud, describe it accurately, the glamour fades. We prefer the secrecy of darkness; wisdom turns on the light. She knows what’s going on, “For at the window of my house I have looked out through my lattice, and I have seen among the simple, I […]


Proverbs 4-6

Daily Reading Proverbs 4-6 Daily Thought In God’s eyes, and therefore in reality, there are only two ways to live, two paths, one leading to life, the other to death. In Proverbs, the two paths are traveled by two women, each to her own way. One is Wisdom, and she is a lady; “Keep hold […]


Proverbs 1-3

Daily Reading Proverbs 1-3 Daily Thought For a few years as a youth pastor, I took a youth choir on tour, and one stop was a California Youth Authority facility in Ione. By facility, I mean prison, and the teenagers there had committed the most violent crimes, arson, rape, even murder. At the end of […]


Psalm 146-150

Daily Reading Psalm 146-150 Daily Thought Twelve of the 13 lines of the final psalm begin with the word “praise.” The one that doesn’t ends with “praise the Lord,” and tells everything that has breath to do it. Jesus says even breathless rocks would cry out if the things that breathe didn’t (see Luke 19:40). […]


Psalm 140-145

Daily Reading Psalm 140-145 Daily Thought In Psalm 141, we hear a man pleading for purity. King David almost commands God to attend to him, “Give ear to my voice when I call you!” (Psalm 141:1). The English Standard Version rightly places an exclamation mark at the end–a reverent “Listen to me when I talk […]


Psalm 133-139

Daily Reading Psalm 133-139 Daily Thought Psalm 139 is a dangerous poem because intimacy is dangerous. David invites into his heart the one who has searched him and known his innermost and deepest thoughts (Psalm 139:1-12). Search me, O God, and know my heart!      Try me and know my thoughts! ~Psalm 139:23 God knows […]


Psalm 120-132

Daily Reading Psalm 120-132 Daily Thought The fifteen Psalms beginning with Psalm 120 are each called “A Song of Ascents.” Probably (we don’t know for sure) sung by the Hebrews as they pilgrimed to Jerusalem three times a year for the great feasts, the gatherings of God’s people. These psalms are short, mostly cheerful, always […]


Psalm 119:89-176

Daily Reading Psalm 119:89-176 Daily Thought There is a reason to pay attention to the law of God and follow his commandments, and it is not because they work. Well, it’s not only because they work, because they do, and that’s good, but it goes deeper than that. They work because they are established by […]


Psalm 119:1-88

Daily Reading Psalm 119:1-88 Daily Thought When have you mastered a foreign language? I’m told that you truly know a language when you no longer translate what you read, you simply read; or better, when you dream in the foreign language, which then is no longer foreign. Psalm 119 is the ABC’s of God’s Word. […]


Psalm 115-118

Daily Reading Psalm 115-118 Daily Thought Why, the psalmist wonders, would anyone put their trust in things that know nothing, with mouths that do not speak and eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear and noses that do not smell and hands that do not feel and feet that do not […]

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