Trunk or Treat

We hope you, your family and your neighbors will join us for a fun evening on SATURDAY, October 27 at Trunk or Treat!

Trunk or Treat is a Halloween event that is done by Rolling Hills Church. People gather and park their cars in a large parking lot. They open their trunks, or the backs of their vehicles, and decorate them. Then they pass out candy from their trunks. The event provides a safe family environment for trick or treaters.

The best way to plan your trunk is to pick a theme. Think of it like dressing yourself in a costume. Sometimes you pick a theme and throw things together.

You can be Mother Goose and have a few little settings around the trunk representing different nursery rhymes.

You can dress as a clown and fill your trunk with balloons.

Or be a zookeeper with lots of stuffed animals set about.

Or act like your trunk is the back of a boat. Then have fishing poles for hooking the candy.

Other ideas:
Beach or Luau theme. Open up the back of the vehicle, hang some towels and set up a boogie board against the door, set out beach chairs, use an umbrella. There are tons of things you could do with this. I told a friend she should wear her bathing suit over her clothes. I think the kids would think that’s a riot. She doesn’t want to, but someone should do it.

NASCAR Theme – Display all your souvenirs
Harvest Theme
Sports Theme (pick a sport) – Team displays are popular
Popular Kid’s Themes: Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Veggie Tales, Backyardigans (If you have kids and they’re into a particular character you can use their stuff. Other kids will love it)
Animal Themes – Stuffed animals count.
Movie Themes (Keep the kids in mind though)
Western Theme
Camping Out theme
Christmas (or other holiday) Theme
Gone Fishing Theme
Pirate Theme

Don’t forget about a costume for yourself. The best and most interesting trunks have their owners dressed to match the theme.

Please no scary themes – this event is geared toward children and we have young children who can get very scared of too “Halloweeny” themes. 

Volunteer for Trunk or Treat: