Message: “Who Forgives Sin~Luke 5:12-26” from David Sundman

David Sundman - March 22, 2020

Who Forgives Sin~Luke 5:12-26

March 22, 2020, It's a Wonderful Life, David Sundman, Rolling Hills Danville

From Series: "1000 Hours to Easter"

Easter is Christianity. There is no Christianity without Jesus Christ, God’s Son, rising from the grave, conquering death, proclaiming the Good News of salvation to the world, and displaying the glory of God. Sunday March 1, it is 6 weeks to Easter. We did the math, 6 weeks x 7 days a week x 24 hours a day equals 1008 hours. Call it an even 1000. “1000 Hours to Easter” prepares our church for the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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