John Morlan - August 9, 2020

Don't Get Caught Up In The Numbers

August 9, 2020, the Goliaths, John Morlan, Rolling Hills, Danville

From Series: "the Goliaths"

This August, Rolling Hills launches into a brand new exploration of our heart. This exploration is a series called “The Goliaths” in which we’ll discover a whole lot more than, simply, a classic Boy-Slays-a-Giant legend. We’re going to find that there were a couple of qualities that a teenager named Davy had down--better than most adults do. You see, the life God inside of him gave him better answers to the perplexities of life . . . questions that we often get slain by: 1. Are the things we’re freaked out about always as they seem? 2. Why is it so absolutely essential that God has something to do with everything in our life? And, lastly . . . 3. What do our living intentionally and intensely have to do with our living fearlessly? Hear the story of our youth once again. This time, pay attention to its value to our adult lives by asking yourself the question: What’s too big and what’s too small in my heart?

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