John Morlan - February 21, 2021


From Series: "Save Our Marriage | Bless our Home"

Even great couples have to fight every day to make it work. Autopilot doesn’t seem to work well in successful marriages. So, for all of us in imperfect marriages, there’s only one hope get where we want to go. Saying this, doesn't mean to over-simplify the solution. This series on marriage and on family aren't intended to be an easy fix. Rather, it's a point in the proper direction. If you've been married for more than a day, you know we can’t go to Cancun on romantic getaways enough to solve our dysfunctions in marriage. We can't go to family camp and "Shazzam!" our kids get perfect. Marriages and families rarely get great by inattention, drift, or osmosis. So, we have to build all we are personally, all we are as a couple, and all we are as a family on Christ the Rock—the one Person that won’t change. This is the heart of our prayer as a new series, "Save our Marriage | Bless our Home" on Sundays in February and March (10:30a).

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