2023/24 church offices + proposed budget

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for all the details of our Participating Membership's upcoming affirmation--along with the schedule for our Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 29.

Scrolling down through this page gives you the opportunity to view in advance the next year's Elders and Deacons our Elders discern God desires to serve in the church offices for the upcoming service cycle (July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024):


Maurice Williams (4th year of 5-year term)

Ken Perkins (3rd year of 5-year term)

As Lead Pastor, Pastor John Morlan sits as an ex officio on the Eldership


(Former Elders: Devin Rickard has entered his Elder sabbatical year after finishing his 5th year on the Eldership in June 2023. Doug Edwards will be moving out of the area.)


Garrett Johnson

Ken Smith

Ron Thomas

2023/24 proposed budget

Secondary Title

Below, you can view the budget our current Eldership (Devin Rickard, Doug Edwards, Maurice Williams, Ken Perkins, and Lead Pastor John Morlan) forecasts are needed to meet the God vision is giving us for Fiscal Year 2023/24. 

Please review the document below and if you have any questions for our Elders, please feel free to email them at [email protected]. Any concerns you might have can be addressed up to two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting (July 29).

To view again the "INVESTMENT INTO ROLLING HILLS: What It Means to Be a Part of a Church Family" with Pastor John Morlan, click here.


annual church meeting

participating membership affirmING our church elders + deacons +2023/24 budget ON JULY 29

HERE IS THE LINK TO ROLLING HILLS' ANNUAL CHURCH MEETING--being held on Zoom Saturday, July 29 (10:00a PST)